February 21, 2007

Lembrando que tinha Vox e um coleguinha legal no Vox que me apresentou o rbally quando fiz a usual propaganda “You’ve got to love her” (com vídeo, lindão).

Me sentindo meio 3/4, já estava pensando que show da Feist ou da Chan mesmo plus vinho iam me resolver tooodas os pobremas,

“error 400”.

O famosinho. O desgraçado. O jurássico.

Como não podia ser – tinha visto o site ainda no começo desse ano, de pé, com MUITO material, boas discussões, visitas e tal… melhor checar, huh. “rbally bootlegs” no Google. Resultado relevante já separado pra agilizar as coisas por aqui – um thread comentando de um “Cat Power issue” e se o site voltaria ou não (pues, primeira pergunta respondida, não é o meu navegador, a minha conexão, as leis do meu país). O cara mesmo responde:

Naw . . . rbally’s gone. When I started the site I had plenty of time on my hands . . . my boss was a real asshole, and I had nothing to do at work. But then he got fired, I became “the boss,” and I suddenly found myself working 70-hour weeks . . . and so twice I shut down the site.

But, I felt kind of guilty about that each time.

I mean, it’s not like I stopped looking for live botlegs and new music, and as an example, one time I stumbled across a Cat Power performance (not the one Stereogum mentioned) and I felt that I had to share the show. You see, I simply love Chan’s music, and so many folks had sent me notes over the previous months stating that they discovered Cat Power (and others) on rbally . . . I just felt compelled to share.

And you know how it is . . . many bloggers really do take seriously that thing about just trying to get the word out about bands and artists we enjoy. And, I don’t know . . . there was something really satisfying about receiving an email from someone who discovered something on rbally, or maybe went back and dusted off records/CDs by a band they had forgotten about.

Anyway, any feelings of “guilt” are irrelevant at this point . . . given the demands of work, friends, etc., I figure it’s a good time to walk away.

Now, for a day or two I toyed with the idea of asking Adam if he’d be willing to engage in a debate of sorts over a series of posts on rbally in an attempt to leverage the situation and attention for something positive.

I mean, rbally was a non-commercial site that generally posted live performances that as far as I could tell would never be offered for commercial sale. So, the question I wanted to ask, one which Adam essentially started a thread about, is whether that is a bad thing . . . and, yeah I have pretty strong opinions about this whole situation, and I would have loved an opportunity to challenge what I believe to be the reasons Adam/Matador wanted the Cat Power show pulled.

But, as I thought about it I came to the conclusion that the “debate” would never happen . . . I mean, I doubt Adam’s superiors would allow him to engage in a public discussion in the first place.

Plus, I don’t think labels or fans are willing to engage in a real debate about intellectual property, DRM, the Internet, etc. There’s a considerable amount of nuance and complication to this issue, and nothing I’ve seen from most record labels or fans indicates that they have any interest in nuance (and Adam . . . that’s not meant as a dig at you . . . I mean, I don’t know you from that proverbial hole in the wall).

And that’s not to say I’ve got anything nuanced to say, but I am convinced that the answer to this question isn’t a simple binary of yes or no . . . .

Anyway . . . it’s just best to end the site, and just go back to trading shows via CD, email, etc.

Ou seja: cerveja.

E em silêncio, por luto e falta de blog legal de bootlegs. Merde.


2 Responses to “(…)”

  1. Thayse Says:

    oh, well…
    tratando-se de bootlegs, é uma perda muito grande mesmo.

    so.. eu achei que seria mais fácil achar… eu sabia de um site.. mas não lembro.. e nem lembro se era de bootlegs.. enfim.. sei que tem isso:

    não é um rbally, mãs é melhor que nada, no? =~

  2. Muito bom o artigo! Recomendo o site Aumenta.se muito bom, vale a pena dar uma olhada.

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